yoga class Sri Lanka - Aerial yoga (Ayurveda wellness package)
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Sri Lanka is a popular destination for traditional Ayurveda wellness treatments and yoga sessions. Here, we do offer different yoga sessions for an emotional, spiritual or physical reset of yours. Our sessions are conduct by both local and foreign professional yoga teachers.what do you do in Aerial yoga session ?FlyHigh Aerial is a fun, unique and popular style of yoga, allowing students to practice their asanas whilst supported by a hanging belt suspended from our shala ceilings. Open to all levels, FlyHigh will explore your yogic creativity allowing you to dive further with inversions, back bends, forward bends, hip openers, shoulder stabilisers and connecting the postures together.Apart from Yoga sessions you could also enjoy massage and Ayurveda treatments and spend time resting-relaxing and enjoying pristine beaches and atmosphere in Talalla.



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