Chadar Trek (Frozen Zanskar River)
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Chadar Trek or the Frozen Zanskar River Trek. It is all white, snow all around the place, walk on the bed of ice. Just be there and you will realize all about the magic of nature. Its thrilling as well as chilling. Honestly Speaking, its a paradise for the trekkers and the humankind.Chadar in Hindi means 'a blanket'. During winters, large sections of the Zanskar River freezes to resemble a blanket of ice, thereby deriving the name. As heavy snowfall isolates a few desolate villages from the main habitation, the Chadar Trek remains the only way to reach these villages. Through much of the trek, steep canyons accompany you on both sides. Sometimes the canyon walls are the only support you have as you make your way across fast flowing icy cold river water. Thick snow covers much of the trail and at night, you camp in tents on ice or in ancient caves.



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