Crown SASS-P MK II Stereo PZM Microphone
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Featuring a unique, patented design, the SASS-P MK II Stereo PZM Microphone represents the pinnacle of the PZM technology at Crown. With its carefully controlled polar patterns and accurate human-ear spacing between its capsules, it produces a well-focused, natural stereo image without a "hole in the middle." The microphone is ideal for recording classical music ensembles, pipe organ, ambience, and audience reaction in stereo. It also works beautifully for miking a drum set overhead. The SASS-P MK II features a wide frequency response, ease of use, and low pickup of mechnical noise and wind noise. Included with the SASS-P MK II is a sturdy foam-lined carrying case, hand grip, mic-stand thread adapter, and windscreen. The Crown SASS-P MK II Stereo Ambient Sampling System™ is a patented, stereo condenser microphone using PZM technology. It is a mono-compatible, near-coincident array designed for professional applications including: classical-music recording (acoustic ensembles) stereo electronic news gathering (E.N.G.) sports ambience and crowd reaction recording worship services televised theatre and dance film ambience stereo sampling for keyboards stereo sound effects recording studios and live sound Compared to its predecessor the SASS-P, the SASS-P MK II provides a warmer, smoother sound with more high-frequency brilliance ("air") and less midrange "hardness." A patented design, the SASS uses a premium-quality Pressure Zone Microphone for each channel. The PZMs are mounted on boundaries (with a foam barrier between them) to make each microphone directional. The carefully controlled polar patterns and human-head-sized spacing between capsules create extremely well-focused, natural stereo imaging with no "hole in the middle." Overall, the reproduction of the sound field is precise and realistic. The SASS can accurately convey the ambient environment for location recording film-wide sound, or synched audio ambience (movement of traffic) where movement heard must precisely match movements in the screen image


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