Windows 10: Complete Windows 10 Essentials computer basics
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**Continuous Updates********This Course Is For People New To Windows 10*****8 Reasons why you should choose this courseThe course will teach you Windows 10 Essentials in detail and step by step. The course is created with perfect care by a computer engineer;One-On-One Support;The course is not long, so you can complete it in a short time, and then enjoy your new experiences;Your inquiries will be answered in a short time with a full explanation of any question;Constant updates. Simple and easy-to-understand explanation with examples. A certificate will be provided upon completion of the course. This Windows 10 Essentials course for Beginners will help you master the most recent features of the windows 10 operating system. We will cover everything concerning windows 10 essentials. You will learn: Windows 10 operating system basics and advanced features;32 Bit & 64 Bit Operating system;How to find computer characteristics such as Computer & OS models, Processor models, speed & generation, besides of RAM capacity, Graphic card characteristics and much more;How to manage folders, create new files, new folders, text documents, and Microsoft Office applications. How to restore deleted files or documents from recycle bin;Computer desktop interface and features in detail;taskbar features, how to pin & unpin apps on it, and much more;Windows 10 operating system Start menu options in detail;Windows 10 setting & Control panel setting;How to install & uninstall Programs, applications, and drivers from your PC;How to install, uninstall, update or remove drivers;Disk managementHow to format, extend or divide your disk drive and much more. Some important system commands such as DXDIAG;Windows accessories tools such as Notepad, Wordpad tips, and tricks, Character maps, Calculator types & secrets, etc;Windows administrative tools such as computer management, defragment and optimization, disk cleanup, registry editor overview, system configuration, system information, and much more;Microsoft Excel Tabs, ribbons, groups, and tools;Basic MS Excel formulas like SUM function, AVERAGE function, COUNT function, MAX function, etc; How to create a normal chart or a pie chart to visualize MS Excel data;Microsoft Word application featuresMicrosoft PowerPoint features including animation, transition, design slides, etc. With this course, you'll see how easy it is to manage your Operating system features. I will guide you step by step with an easy explanation along this course. If you are interested in one of the points we talked about before, then this course is for you. What are you waiting for?Go ahead and join us. I'll love to see you in the class.



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