Certification Course in Ayurvedic Nutrition
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Namaste! This course covers the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda. The course constitutes multiple video lectures This course contains lots of knowledge which can help you. The 6000-year-old health care system, Ayurveda places a strong emphasis on nutrition. In Ayurveda, Ahara (diet) and Anna (food) are given particular importance. Ayurveda says that the mind, body, and spirit are all nourished by wholesome, healthy food. While everyone's digestive ability varies, it is still important to eat foods that are easy to digest, tailored to their needs, and in the right amounts. The right amount of food provides power and vitality, as well as maintaining the health of the tissues. This short course covers the fundamental concepts of Ayurvedic nutrition like substance (dravya), properties (guna), taste (rasa), and potency (virya) in detail. Understanding these concepts is imperative to understanding Ayurvedic nutrition. As a basic course, this does not contain any recommendations on herbal remedies. This course is meant to give you a basic understanding of Ayurvedic nutrition and how it works. If you are happy with the course, please revert and I will send you free links to my other courses. Wishing you a healthy and peaceful life! Dr. Kanika VermaBAMS, MMS, PDGVA (Vedic Astrology)PDGPC (Psychotherapy and Counselling)PDGHHM (Healthcare Management)



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