Certificate in Ozone Therapy For Health and Beauty
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Ozone therapy has been seen as an alternative therapy for many years but is now becoming more mainstream as its effects and becoming more known from a scientific and medical perspective, and therefore being incorporated into health and beauty more often. Ozone is a natural gas created in our atmosphere and during various natural cycles on the earth, it's an allotrope of Oxygen. What is taught in this course is; Oxygen is essential to life on Earth and is involved in many respiratory processes in living things. If Ozone is available, you can use simple breathing, meditation and using nebulisers to increase the natural blood oxygenation, and it can be measured using a simple non-invasive SPO2 device. Ozone can be used for many things such as detoxifying pesticides from foods, sterilising the water we drink, general cleaning, skin care, drinking ozonated water, eating and applying topically ozonated oils and parentally injected for health and beauty purposes. Ozone is a powerful antioxidant which neutralises the effects of normal and abnormal free radicals that cause cellular damage and ageing in the body. We will take a look at this subject to give you a deeper understanding. This course will teach what ozone is, and how it is made naturally and artificially by machines for different health and beauty purposes. How to make Ozonated water, oils and pharmaceutical standard O3 water that can be administered by injection e. g. microneedling. Ozone can help circulation, and oxygenation, boost the immune system, speed up healing processes, and reduce inflammation. It can also be used as a therapy for medical conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, and infections. In particular, using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Ozonated water can be drunk to help with general health, infused into oils that can be used in salads and topically applied onto the skin for skin beauty and reducing inflammation in skin conditions such as Eczema & Psoriasis. Overall this course provides comprehensive knowledge, understanding and application techniques in a safe and competent manner, and how to incorporate Ozone therapies into your own personal health and beauty regime, or to use this knowledge and skills professionally to help clients and patients achieve their health and beauty goals. Lecture 1, Introduction to the course and its syllabus and requirements. Lecture 2, What is O3, it's basic chemistry. Lecture 3, What O3 can be used for. Lecture 4, How O3 is made, both naturally and artificially. Lecture 5, How to make Ozonated water to drink, use to clean, sterilise, as a pesticide neutraliser etc. Lecture 6, How to make Ozonated oils. Olive oil. Avocado Oil. Coconut and MCT oils. To eat in salads and apply topically for skin care. Lecture 7, How to make Ozonated water to a pharmaceutical level for intradermal injection e. g. as used in microneedling and derma rolling etc. Lecture 8, How to turn your Udemy certificate into an accredited professional certificate.



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