Essential Vitamins and Minerals Course
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Essential vitamins and minerals are miraculous. They control the immunity, sharpen the memory, increase energy and concentration, and keep us healthy. These vitamins do their magic only if taken correctly and in controlled amounts. In this course we will discuss all the essential vitamins and minerals. We will talk about their normal functions, how they benefit us, how much is too much, and their most yielding food sources. Once you understand each vitamin and their specific details, it becomes much clearer when you're having a deficiency of one of them. You will know the symptoms right away and know the most accurate method to diagnose a deficiency. This is not always straight-forward. Certain vitamins cannot be simply measured by checking their levels, like vitamin B12 for example. We diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency by measuring blood levels of methylmalonic acid. High blood methylmalonic acid indicates vitamin B12 deficiency. There are many other examples like that, which you will learn in the course. For each essential mineral or vitamin, you will learn the most abundant food source and the people who are at risk of deficiency. Certain vitamins tend to decrease with age, pregnancy, and other factors. All of which will be discussed in details. So without further ado, let's start!



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