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Discover the Uhbik FX Software Plug-In Bundle, an advanced and professional collection of high-quality audio effects from renowned brand, U-He Software. This innovative bundle is designed for the discerning audiophile and electronic music producer, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for audio manipulation and enhancement in your digital audio workstation (DAW).The Uhbik bundle features a user-friendly, streamlined interface and includes a variety of surround-capable effects. The Family Four units (D, F, P, T) are modulation effects, each equipped with an ultra-slow to ultra-fast low-frequency oscillator (LFO). The LFO rate can be manually set, synced to host tempo, or automated, providing you with absolute control over your sound.Uhbik-A is an ambience/reverb plug-in, combining early reflections with different plate algorithms. It offers independent control over high and low-frequency decays, diffusion, and modulation, allowing you to create warm spaces or evoke expansive landscapes with your sound.Uhbik-D is a delay/echo plug-in with five 'tape heads', LFO or flutter modulation, low/high cut filters, soft-clipping, per-tap feedback, and multi-channel pan. It's perfect for creating creative delays and echo effects.Uhbik-F is a flanger plug-in, simulating two tape machines per audio channel for classic stomp-box type chorus and dramatic jet-effect flanging. It also features a 'bass sanctuary' to ensure low-frequency stability.Uhbik-G is a granular pitch-shifter/phase vocoder, delivering a wide range of contemporary effects by cutting audio material into snippets ('grains') and playing them back at a variable rate.Uhbik-P is a phaser plug-in with up to 42 allpass filters in series, delivering deep, rich phasing. It also features a 'bass sanctuary' for low-frequency stability.Uhbik-Q is an equalizer plug-in, combining freely tunable frequency bands with presets for other options, offering maximum flexibility from a minimum of controls.Runciter is a filter plug-in with parallel lowpass, bandpass, and highpass outputs, resonance, controllable input overdrive, and brick-wall fuzz, perfect for dramatic sound-shaping.Uhbik-S is a frequency shifter/sideband filter plug-in with exceptional frequency response and low latency, capable of creating anything from serene barber-pole waves to metallic full-frequency freakout effects.Finally, Uhbik-T is a tremolo plug-in, a general-purpose 'rhythmicizer' featuring linear or exponential gain modulation, rhythmic lowpass filtering, and vibrato or Haas-delay spatial effects.Experience the power and versatility of the Uhbik FX Software Plug-In Bundle, your comprehensive solution for professional audio production.



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