u-He Software Satin Magnetic Tape Emulation Software Plug-In, Download
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Be transported back to the Golden Age of magnetic tape recording with the Satin Magnetic Tape Emulation Software Plug-In, available for electronic download. This innovative product is the result of u-He Software's meticulous research and development, aimed at recreating the unique characteristics of various tape machines in a digital format. This software plug-in is not just a simple emulation; it's a comprehensive tape construction kit that spans all major historical developments in tape technology. It offers the ability to control multiple instances from a single panel, allowing you to seamlessly 'glue' multiple tracks together. Experience the high-quality audio output with an internal sample rate of up to 384kHz and continuous tape speed control. The software brings all the 'goodness' of tape, including saturation, transient-smoothing, and HF compression, while also giving you full control over the 'badness' such as head-bump, wow & flutter, asperity noise, and hiss. The Satin Magnetic Tape Emulation Software Plug-In also features record/repro EQ standards, classic NR compander standards, and extra FX modes like through-zero tape flanging and host-synchronizable 4-tap stereo delay. Whether you're an analogue recording gear enthusiast or a digital aficionado, the magic of tape brought by Satin will captivate you. It comes with a wide variety of presets and emulations of classic professional tape machines, tape delays, tape flanging & chorus, and more. The software also includes a 2 or 4-tap tape delay with variable routing, cyclic modulation, feedback filtering, and limiter. The Flanger feature offers true tape flanging, creating that legendary 'swoosh' effect. The Service Panel allows you to adjust numerous attributes of the tape, the heads, and the surrounding circuitry, with a handy analyzer for easy and precise alignments. Satin's Speed control is continuously variable from 7.5 up to 30ips, re-adjusting the entire machine model as you tweak. In Studio mode, you can assign each instance of Satin to one of eight groups, each behaving as a multitrack tape, 'remote-controlled' from any instance in that group. The software also offers a choice of encoder and decoder circuits, bringing back the era of noise-reduction systems that were used for dynamic and spectral effects. The Satin Magnetic Tape Emulation Software Plug-In ensures precise visual signal level monitoring through a combination VU & peak meter, with switchable RMS mode and variable reference level. The two large knobs adjust input and output levels, making them the most important controls in Satin. Explore the magic of tape recording with the Satin Magnetic Tape Emulation Software Plug-In, and discover the rich, vintage audio quality it can bring to your digital world.



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