Tracktion MOK Waverazor Virtual Synthesizer Plug-In, Download


From the depths of sonic exploration, the MOK Waverazor Virtual Synthesizer Plug-In, available for electronic download, offers a revolutionary approach to sound design. This futuristic synthesizer harnesses the power of a patent-pending oscillator design, enabling you to splice waveforms into aggressive, cutting-edge sounds. The Waverazor's innovative technology allows you to create everything from biting leads and glitched-out basses to cinematic pads and beyond. With its central oscilloscope, you can twist, torture, and fine-tune every parameter of sound for precise waveform creation. The synthesizer's performance controllers allow you to morph multiple parameters simultaneously, providing a unique and immersive sound design experience.The Waverazor 2.0 Editor version, with its groundbreaking contextual editing system, simplifies the management of thousands of parameters. It displays only what you need, when you need it, allowing you to focus on any synthesis module for editing. This feature enables you to navigate through the entire synth effortlessly, crafting connections that bring Waverazor's unique sounds to life.Waverazor's patent-pending oscillator technology takes a new angle on synthesis. It slices familiar waveforms and recombines them to create tormented futuristic sounds. You can start with a radical multi-shape waveform, then mangle the sound beyond recognition by tweaking an array of parameters including tuning, level, phase, and DC offset per segment.The Mutant AM feature takes ring modulation to a new level. Each waveform segment can have different harmonic content, with individual harmonics subject to amplitude modulation at a rate and level determined by the contents of each fraction. This innovative feature allows the oscillator to modulate harmonics to different levels in a sequenced pattern, rather than simply modulating the entire waveform on and off like traditional ring modulation.With the Multi-Sync feature, you can set up multiple simultaneous hard sync points per cycle and even beyond a single cycle. This feature allows you to modulate individual wave fractions to different frequencies, creating a complex, harmonically rich version of a classic synthesis technique.The Waverazor interface offers a unique approach to sound design. Its central oscilloscope enables precise waveform creation, while two X/Y performance controllers modulate a combination of slice parameters. Additional knobs and buttons make it possible to morph multiple parameters at once, offering a truly unique and immersive sound design experience.



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