Tek'it Audio Badass 2 Multi-Effects Distortion Software Plug-In, Download
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Why settle for ordinary when you can transform your sound with the Badass 2 Multi-Effects Distortion Software Plug-In? This innovative product from the reputable brand Tek'it Audio is a powerful tool for electronic music production, offering a blend of advanced features and user-friendly design. The Badass 2 plug-in is a potent fusion of ten types of effects, a 16-step sequencer, and a robust modulation system. Whether you're looking to add a touch of grit to your tracks or completely revolutionize them, this high-quality software has you covered. With 12 effects available simultaneously, you can customize your sound to your heart's content. Each effect can be used individually or combined for a more complex audio experience. From low-pass filters with an analog tone to digital-sounding variants, the 11 filters offer a wide range of possibilities. The software also boasts 16 distortions, ranging from classic Fold-back and Clipper to more extreme algorithms. The soft-knee compressor adds flavor to your effects, while the Lo-fi feature allows you to re-sample and degrade your sound for a vintage feel. The Pitch and Ring feature lets you alter the pitch and add a ring from one of the 24 sources. The Cutter function enables you to remove unwanted frequencies from the mix. The 16-step sequencer syncs to the beat of your DAW, allowing you to sequence each effect with precision. Each knob has its own modulators, including the MSEG and the LFO, which can be triggered at note play or synced to your DAW's tempo. The Badass 2 plug-in also includes an Envelope Follower that uses the input sound envelope as a modulator, and a Multi Segment Envelope that lets you draw your envelope shape with your mouse. The LFO feature offers 24 waveforms, manual or host sync, and phase control. The software comes with integrated MIDI learn and automation on all parameters, and 128 presets ready to be edited to match your tracks. With a single click, you can generate random effects and easily undo any changes. Compatible with both PC and Windows operating systems, the Badass 2 Multi-Effects Distortion Software Plug-In is a versatile addition to any digital audio workstation. Transform your sound today with this powerful, high-quality software.



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