Learning Microsoft Office Word 2003 by Suzanne Weixel
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Appropriate for all introductory-to-intermediate level courses in Microsoft Office Word 2003. Designed for students at a wide variety of skill levels, Learning Microsoft Office Word 2003 provides a total-immersion, hands-on tutorial that walks students step by step, mouse-click by mouse-click, keystroke by keystroke through each of Word 2003's most important features. The well-illustrated, spiral-bound manual contains easy-to-read, appealingly formatted procedural explanations, step-by-step exercises, and many screen shots-all in a carefully organized multi-part lesson format. Each lesson is comprised of several exercises built around using Word in real-life business settings. Most exercises consist of seven key elements: a brief On the Job description of how the student would use this feature in the workplace; a realistic exercise scenario; definitions of key terms; concise notes describing and outlining important concepts; hands-on mouse and keyboard procedures; step-by-step instructions for putting the skills to work; and an On Your Own critical-thinking activity students can work through on their own, for reinforcement, practice, or to test skills proficiency.Each lesson ends with additional Critical Thinking exercises that call upon students to rely on the skills they've learned. Coverage in this edition includes: creating, opening, saving, editing, printing, and managing documents; formatting text and documents; creating tables; running mail merges; building multiple-page documents; creating documents for publication on the Internet; using Word's collaboration, desktop publishing, and automation features; integrating graphics and content from other Microsoft Office applications; and more. The book also includes a full chapter of advanced Challenge Exercises.


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