Baldor-Reliance Motor CD7503, 3HP, 1750RPM, DC, 215C, 7544D, TEFC, F1
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Baldor-Reliance Motor, 3HP,1750RPM,DC,215C,7544D,TEFC,F1 Features: TEFC enclosureShunt woundClass F insulationDesigned for use with NEMA TYPE K SCR control 20:1 constant torque speed range (Except where noted)NEMA C-face and removable base (except on explosion proof models)Base welded on type 3513D onlyNEMA 182 and larger have a thermostat (normally closed contracts) on the field windingNo dual mounting base holes on 35D, 75D or 91D typeTypical Applications: Conveyors, printing, textile equipment, machine tools and other equipment requiring variable speeds with constant torque.


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