Glade, Automatic Spray Air Freshener 1 Holder + 3 Refills - Aqua Wves - 18.6 Ounce


Complete air freshener package: Includes 1 holder and 3 Aqua Waves-scented refills (18.6 oz total)..Invigorating Aqua Waves scent: Enjoy the calming and refreshing aroma of ocean-inspired fragrances..Continuous fragrance delivery: The automatic spray system provides a consistent burst of fragrance..Customizable settings: Programmable timer lets you control the frequency of spritzes to suit your preferences..Versatile placement: Ideal for use in various rooms, such as the living room, bathroom, and more..Stylish holder design: The sleek holder seamlessly integrates with your home décor..Long-lasting refills: Each refill is designed to provide months of delightful fragrance..Transformative ambiance: Create an inviting and captivating atmosphere with the Aqua Waves scent..Effortless Installation: Set up is a breeze with the easy installation of the holder and refills, allowing you to enjoy the Aqua Waves scent in no time..Lasting Freshness: The 3 included refills ensure a long-lasting fragrance experience, keeping your space smelling inviting and pleasant for extended periods.



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