Fake Ice Cream Cone And Color Choice Yellow Prop


** Please Choose the Cone style and color choice **Three Cone Style Choices:Sugar Waffle Cone, measures roughly 8.5" tallFlat Cake Cone, measures roughly 7" tallTall Cake Cone, measures roughly 8.5" tallCOLOR OPTIONS: Vanilla - Chocolate - Light Pink - Dark Pink - Light Green - Dark Green - Light Purple - Dark Purple - Light Aqua - Dark Aqua - Blue My items are lovingly handmade, one at a time, making each item a true work of art.***HANDMADE, MAY VARY SLIGHTLY FROM PHOTO*******YUM****Wonderful for the waistline and your teeth! ~and they won't attract unwanted critters either!I love using these in sweet displays along with cupcakes, donuts, candies and other pies and cakes. They go wonderfully with other the faux sweets offered in my shop, including more ice cream cones, so be sure to take a look around!Original design by me, Debra Lea. None edible, decorative purposes only.IC-S25