RH Preyda 8†x3x1/2 Hard Black Ark Stone


This Hard Black Arkansas Stone (2000-3000 grit) measures 8" x 3" x 1/2"and comes in a wood storage box. It is a hard dense polishing stone that requires minimal care and only occasional flattening due to its density. This Hard Black Stone is great for refining and polishing an edge on cutlery and woodworking tools. Stone can be used with or without lubrication, but we suggest light oil, which will keep the stone’s surface fresh and free from glazing that could potentially diminish the stone’s performance. RH Preyda Arkansas Stones RH Preyda’s 100% natural Arkansas stones are made from Novaculite quarried in the Ouachita Mountains, near Hot Springs, Arkansas. The unique cryptocrystalline structure and density are the keys to the stones retaining their effective abrasion characteristics and shapes with what amounts to minimal care.Arkansas Stones and Grit. Arkansas stones are graded on hardness and not grit, but grit is an easier concept for most to grasp so a grit equivalent is offered as a comparison to synthetic stones. The grit range of natural stones will vary, so in most cases a range of grit is offered – again as a comparison to synthetic stones. Arkansas Stones = Synthetic Stone EquivalentSoft Arkansas400-600 gritHard Arkansas800-1000 gritHard Black Arkansas2000-3000 gritSurgical Black Arkansas4000-6000 gritTranslucent Arkansas8000-12,000 grit


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