Coin Collector 2006 Ben Franklin Silver Dollar and Almanac
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Honor a great scientist, statesmen and one of our nation's founding fathers with the 2006 Ben Franklin Silver Dollar and Almanac. You receive a Franklin commemorative silver dollar as well as a copy of Poor Richard's Almanack�a best seller for its time. Both are presented in a Benjamin Franklin informational pack, which is perfect for presentation, storage or gift giving. 2006 Ben Franklin Silver Dollar and Almanac�Includes: 2006 Benjamin Franklin "Scientist" silver dollar Copy of 1758 Poor Richard's Almanack Benjamin Franklin information pack Product Features: Commemorates the 300th anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin - one of our nation's founding fathers and foremost scientist and inventor\ Obverse: Reflects a familiar image of Benjamin Franklin as a scientist by depicting his kite experiment Reverse: Features a tribute to Franklin's role as a patriot and a statesman by recreating his "Join or Die" political cartoon, which was published in the Pennsylvania Gazette Poor Richard's Almanack - final year of publication; best seller for a pamphlet published in the American colonies; print runs reached approx. 10,000 per year Benjamin Franklin informational gift pack - contains both the coin and book Brilliant Uncirculated(BU) - this coin has not been released to the public for circulation Measures approx. 38.1mm (1-1/2") in diameter Weighs approx. 26.73g (.944 oz.) Contains approx. .900 pure silver Enclosed in an air-tite capsule Produced by Philadelphia Mint



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