Custom Couple Portrait with pet, Christmas illustration, First paper housewarming gift - 3 People/3 pets
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Custom Couple Portrait with pet. Cute Christmas illustration for your family. First paper housewarming gift. →›› Please note this is ONLY DIGITAL item. I will send the portrait to your email immediately after production.You will receive a digital file in JPEG format (8x10 inches, 300 DPI), write if you need PNG.If you need a different size of the picture, write the size you want when purchasing.The portrait can be printed as many times as needed.If you have a child or a new pet I can add to your portrait in the future :)HOW TO MAKE AN ORDER: Select the desired number of people or pets. Send photos, do not hesitate to send a lot of photos, of any quality :) Write your text if required. White background oval (select the desired color) the background is completely colored, select a color number. I will draw a portrait, I will send a screenshot of the portrait, if necessary, I will correct it. I make changes if necessary.IMPORTANT: The style of the drawing is as presented in the sample. You will receive only the file, it can be printed. There is no refund, since you receive the goods immediately after production.You can refuse for several hours if I haven't started painting.Thank you for contacting my shop!


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