Small business fire security 2 zone 2 wire conventional fire alarm control panel
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Conventional fire alarm system 2 zones fire security monitor alarm control panel. ETL certificated professional security fire monitor device.The mini type fire alarm control panel can equip up to 60 fire detectors, smoke detector, gas sensor, heat detector, manual call point and up to 16 fire sounder and lighting, fire bell.Small size easy installation basic conventional fire alarm control panel.Shop professional fire alarm system at https:www.vedardsecurity.comDescription:1. The Mini fire alarm control master panel and slave panel each has 2 zones and each zone can equip Max.30 detectors and call points.2. It should be installed, commissioned and maintained by suitably qualified service personnel with reference to IEE regulations and any statutory requirements.3. The 2 zones alarm panel has 1 alarm sound output zones (bell zones), which can equip max.16 sounders for total max. 1A24V power supplied.4. The panel (master or slaver) has 24V auxiliary power output supply 2A24V with fire 1, fire 2 relay output and fault relay output.5. It is external DC24V power supplied with backup battery.6. It supports detector head removal and easy for repair or maintenance.7. It has Testreset, silence alarm and Evacuate button for easy panel operation.8. It has indicators of zone1 alarm fault, zone2 alarm fault, Sound alarm, and sound fault LED. That clearly showed detectors and sound circuit staturs.9. There is one master fire alarm control panel and it can work with Max.31 same slaver panel.10. The master fire control panel will communicate slaver panel one by one and fault will be showed if no response is received.11. Alarm and fault events of panel No. and zone No. will be showed one by one on Master fire control panel.


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