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VEGETABLES set from felt.Laser cutting felt for gluing the set "Vegetables".Laser cutting of details.Made of high quality Korean felt 1.2mm thick, requires gluing.Laser cut set of fruits or berriesThe set includes vegetables, as in the photo.The production of this set of postcards takes 510 days.If you want the set to be wrapped in gift paper, just write to me about it.If you need a gift card, then write me a text of congratulations and I will put it in the package.This service is free, as is shipping!Three sets are offered.1.MEDIUM2. BIG!!! PLEASE READ THE DIMENSIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.MEDIUM SET:1.Yellow pepper height 7 cm, length 5.7 cm;2.Red pepper height 7 cm, length 5.7 cm;3.Green pepper height 7 cm, length 5.7 cm;4.Tomato height 5 cm length 6.7 cm;5.Cabbage height 9 cm length 9.8 cm;6.Broccoli height 9 cm length 9.8 cm;7.Cauliflower height 9 cm length 10 cm;8.Eggplant height 10.5 cm length 6.1 cm;9.Cucumber height 9 cm length 2.7 cm;10.Potato height 5 cm length 3.8 cm;11.Onion height 12 cm length 5.1 cm;12.Beets height 14.5 cm length 7.7 cm;13.Garlic height 9.5 cm length 4.3 cm;14.Carrots height 16 cm length 7.1 cm;15.Radish height 9.5 cm length 4.7 cm;16.Pumpkin height 10.5 cm length 11.4 cm;17.Turnip height 12 cm length 8.6 cm;18.Zucchini height 12 cm length 4.5 cm;19.Hot pepper height 8 cm length 4 cm;LARGE SET:1.Yellow pepper height 10 cm, length 8.1 cm;2.Red pepper height 10 cm, length 8.1 cm;3.Green pepper height 10 cm, length 8.1 cm;4.Tomato height 7.5 cm length 10 cm;5.Cabbage height 12.5 cm length 13.7 cm;6.Broccoli height 12.5 cm length 13.7 cm;7.Cauliflower height 12.5 cm length 14 cm;8.Eggplant height 15 cm length 8.7 cm;9.Cucumber height 12.5 cm length 3.7 cm;10.Potato height 7.5 cm length 5.7 cm;11.Bulb onion height 17.5 cm length 7.5 cm;12.Beets height 20.5 cm length 10.8 cm;13.Garlic height 13 cm length 6 cm;14.Carrots height 22.5 cm length 10 cm;15.Radish height 13 cm length 6.5 cm;16.Pumpkin height 15 cm length 16.2 cm;17.Turnip height 17.5 cm length 12.5 cm;18.Zucchini height 12.5 cm length 6.6 cm;19.Hot pepper height 11.5 cm length 5.7 cm;You will receive a link to the instructions for assembling the parts along with the parcel.!!! If you have any questions, just email me!


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