Personalized hand embroidery name sweater with buttons for baby, girl. Custom knit soft cardigan with flowers for child - 4T/Pink
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Personalized hand embroidery name sweater with buttons for baby, girl. Custom knit soft cardigan with flowers for children & kids.Before sending the parcel, I send a photo of the finished product for approval. If you do not reply to me within 2 days, the sweater will be sent without confirmation, as I am limited by the production time.On the back of the cardigan, flowers of white, pink and burgundy flowers with green and blue leaves are embroidered in a circle.Flowers and leaves have different shapes.The color of the flowers may vary depending on the main color of the sweater.If you choose the main pink color, then pink flowers will be replaced with blue ones.In the center of the embroidery, your child's name is written in white, which makes the cardigan unique.If you need a different name color, let me know.The diameter of the inner circle is about 47 inches 12 cm, the outer circle is about 6.7 inches 17 cm (these are approximate dimensions, as they depend on the location of the embroidery).The size of the letters depends on the size of the cardigan and the number of letters.If the name is long and the cardigan is small, then, accordingly, the height of the letters will be less than indicated in the picture.If your child's name contains more than 7 letters, it will not fit in a circle, but you can contact me and I will create an individual sketch for you.The front part of the cardigan on one side is embroidered with flowers of the same shape and color as on the back.The number of colors depends on the size, the smaller the cardigan, the smaller the number of colors.The sweater is made of very soft yarn, which does not prick at all, and is designed for the delicate skin of the baby.It will gently envelop your child, like a mother's caring hands.Thanks to the natural composition of the materials used, your child will always feel comfortable.You can combine it with casual or elegant clothes.The cardigan has no seams.SIZEPlease choose the size according to the table and your child's height.If You are having trouble choosing the right size, please contact me.MATERIALSStructure:68% Alpaca, 28% polyamide, 7% wool.Wooden buttonsALPACA is a yarn made from Alpaca wool.Properties of Alpaca, higher than that of sheep wool. LIGHTNESSmuch lighter than wool. SOFTNESS soft and gentle yarn, never scratch your baby's skin. HYPOALLERGENIC your baby's sensitive skin is not at risk of irritation and redness. WARMTH it warms well in cold weather HYGROSCOPICITY your baby will always be in dry warmth; WEAR RESISTANCE the products will delight you and your baby for years with proper care;CAREonly hand wash at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees. wash with special products or baby shampoo for hair dry in a horizontal positiondo not dry near the battery, heating devices and the sun. store on a shelf in the wardrobe (do not hang on hangers).For more detailed care instructions, see the FAQ.


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