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The presented image is an example of how you can turn any photo into a vintage one. You can also choose any illustration from my gallery for this purpose. Also you can send your favorite picture and I will draw it with your face.Please, look at all sections in my shopVARIATIONS: If one of samples in art gallery is ideal for you, the option is possible, to implant a face or the head into the pleasant image. Choose option and let me know what sample you want to use. PRICE This list is intended for the individual digital drawing of 1 person. It is the base price under which the majority of designs falls. When extremely difficult or simpler design is required, the price will be adjusted. Contact, please, me to agree about higher or lower price. PRICE CHANGE You can send any image you like.In this case, the cost of the service may vary depending on the requests.Price formation may be affected by:1. if your photo that you sent to personalize the image:high quality $ 39;average quality $ 49;low quality $ 69.2. if the image you want to personalize has a low resolution.In this case, it will require additional work to improve the quality of the image, namely, it will need to be drawn.The price will depend on the complexity of the image.For example:improving image quality:one person without a backgroundfrom $ 25;one person with a background from $ 50;one person + carfrom $ 75;one person + car + pet from $ 100;The total cost will be calculated as follows:For example:head insertion $ 39 + image quality improvement $ 25.In total, the total cost will be: 39+25=64 dollars.If your wishes do not fit into the basic design, please contact me before buying to determine the exact cost of the service.IMPORTANT: the price is specified only for the digital work, I do not give you the physical version of a portrait.WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED: Several photos, are desirable in high quality in high resolution, without filter and in color that I could see the person and details well.HOW TO ORDER:1. Place an order and contact me via Inspire Uplift messages or by email FILES:you receive a digital file in the format JPEG with a high resolution of 300 dpi. Thank you that read my declaration.Thank you that visited my shop.


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