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Custom, original hand-drawn drawing of a house with watercolor from a photo for reference. Houses are full of meaning, from the house you grew up in, the first house you owned, where you raised or are raising your family: all of these memories are held in a house that became a home. Here's an opportunity to have a unique & original watercolor house drawing created to showcase your home; wherever it is now or wherever it has been for you or the one's you love. This is a great gift idea for grandparents, parents, children, & friends. I have worked with a number of realtors, as well. These drawings & paintings make wonderful gifts for clients that are buying & or selling their beloved homes. Houses are drawn from a photo in the style consistent with what you'll find in the examples throughout my shop, on a heavy professional cold press watercolor paper. The sizes available are: 4x6" 5x7" 8x10" 9x12" 11x14" 12x16" 18x24" These watercolor pieces are hand-drawn from an actual image of the house, so feel free to send more than one photograph of the house! You can include pictures in a conversation here at the time of check out: https://www.etsy.com/conversations/new?with_id=32599424&referring_id=8055240&referring_type=shop&recipient_id=32599424 Please be sure to include & point out any trees, bushes, swings, any of the 'things' that are particularly special to the home. Also please point out anything in the photo that you don't want included in the drawing. For example, if you'd like a tree to be omitted, or a bush that isn't around anymore, decorations etc, let me know at the same time that you send me photos! All of the pictures & clarity in notes you leave for me will help me create the perfect piece for you! I will always send an image of the artwork for you to preview & approve/request any adjustments. The average turn around time for these drawings is about 2-3 weeks, with turn-around extensions made between November & February. I will send you an email when I first receive your order (and photos), & ask any questions I have initially. When I am working on your artwork, you will receive a note that your order is "in progress", & at that point, I will be sending you a preview for you to approve within a few days. If you request any changes, I will send follow up previews with any adjustments made typically on the same day. You will notice at check out that I now have the option of shipping your artwork framed! This is an exciting addition to my shop that has been long requested. I'm thrilled to make framed artwork available to you, & it is as simple as selecting "Framed 5x7", or whatever size you're hoping for, at check out. Examples of frames can be seen in the listing photos. At this time I am able to frame sizes up through 11x14", but will not be offering frames for either 12x16" or 18x24". If you have any questions, just send me a message from the conversation link! I look forward to every piece & will be happy to answer any questions along