Armenia Terrain Relief Map Print


Important: This is a traditional 2D ink on paper print (giclée), which has a 3D effect. It is not a 3D model & is unframed. A beautiful, minimalist print of Armenia, with exaggerated terrain & soft shadows picking out the hills, mountains & ridges across the landscape. The print is ultra-realistic & reveals amazing details of the terrain that you'd experience in person but you'd never see with normal maps. This print is perfect for travel lovers, especially for those who've explored a landscape by foot, bike or car & want to preserve the feeling of that terrain in your home. Have you ever looked back on photos from a trip, or retraced your route on a map & been underwhelmed? The hill you climbed seems so small, or the valley you drove down seems so flat. I love looking at maps, & though they're great for navigation, they're very bad at capturing the feeling of a location. They flatten important features of the terrain, like hills, ridges & valleys, that we instinctively recognise & remember when we're there. in an effort to capture the magic of travel through amazing landscapes, I've refined a technique to represent the terrain in an ultra-realistic print, which exaggerates these important features, & using real satellite imagery. The result is a breathtaking interpretation of the terrain, which is much closer to the experience of seeing it than any photo or traditional map. This beautiful effect is achieved by using digital elevation model data from the Copernicus satellite, combined with satellite imagery, which is then processed using 3D software, rendered & then printed on high quality matte paper (200 gsm) at very high resolution (300 dpi). Please let me know if you're interested in a specific country or region that isn't already on my Etsy Shop & I'll see what I can do! Due to the small size of my shop & limited stock, I'm unable to accept returns. Please see my Shop Policies for more details. Prints use map data from Mapbox. To learn more, visit Armenia Terrain Relief Map Print



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