stone Age Hand Tool West Sahara Desert Great Patina Morocco Coa 5625


Welcome to Pioneer Fossils! A Certificate of Authenticity. which has a photo on it of the exact item you purchased, will accompany this specimen. Here is a genuine hand-made tool, from the Western Sahara Desert in Morocco. Age is estimated at between 30,000 & 80,000 years old. It measures about 2.24 inches, & weighs 0.8 oz. Great natural coloration, in fact it is naturally multi-colored, & nice patina. No paint added. Made by early inhabitants of present-day Morocco, called the Aterian, who lived there until about 30 thousand years ago. We invite you to visit our store. Once inside our store, you will see about a thousand items for sale, & we hope you will love them. We sell items ranging from budget to superb. All of our descriptions are written 100% by American humans. If you like what we have to offer, please add us to your favorites, by clicking on the heart at the top of our store page. It is the easiest way for you to see our new listings, as well as look us up in the future. You will receive the exact item described & photographed, unless clearly stated otherwise. We are happy to enclose a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Some words of caution about COA's: Do not let them become a substitute for learning about the specimens. We have been working with fossils & minerals for many years, & we have seen hundreds of very nice-looking COA's, some that are wrong, mis-describing a specimen. Have you ever received a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that had no photo on it of the item you purchased? A COA should be specific to one particular specimen, with a photo of the item on it. At Pioneer Fossils, all of our fossils & minerals come with a COA, with a photo of the exact item you just purchased. It can never be transferred to a different specimen. Signature upon delivery: We may decide it is best to put a "Signature Required" on a shipment, of any size or price. If it is important to you that you do, or do not, want to receive a Signature Required, please let us know at time of purchase. Any item over $200, you can expect a Signature required. Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your item, please contact us within 72 hours of receiving the item. We'll refund your purchase price, minus shipping charges, upon safe return of the item to us in original condition (item cannot be altered or damaged) within 30 days of buyer's receipt of item. Failure to contact us within 72 hours of receipt of item, voids this offer. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges. Price includes Standard shipping, such as USPS Ground Advantage, in the United States. We guarantee that any item that is ordered to one of the foreign countries we ship to, that we will ship it in a timely manner. We cannot guarantee against any delay or loss due to Customs or anything else. We also cannot guarantee or be responsible if the receiving country adds an additional charge to the shipping (it has happened). IMPORTANT: If you are not satisfied with your order,