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NEVADA METAL Stamp || Nevada State Metal Die || Metal Stamps || Jewelry Punch Stamp | Steel Stamp | Tiny Metal Stamp If You need custom made punch stamp, please visit this listing: Metal punch stamp: Good for stamping aluminium, brass, copper, silver, gold & ect. (also fits for annealed steel, usually requires press for it, & hot stamping on steel) If you have questions feel free to write me. If You are not sure, what size stamp You need, please contact before buying. DETAILS: -Stamp size in the listing depends on a widest side of an image - A length of stamps' steel rod: from 90mm to 100mm (it depends on a size of an image). - The stamps' steel is hardened (Carbon steel U8A) - Stamps are made by deep laser engraving 1mm-1.5mm -Recommended thickness of blanks from 1.5-2mm, using thinner blanks might not give good result, especially using bigger size stamps RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USING THE STAMP: -For punching use hammer & place the blank on a hard, smooth surface (the best metal, steel plate or anvil), don't be afraid to hit hard NOTE: Brass 'hammers' do not fit for these stamps -If the stamp gets rusty, brush it with simple hard sponge & boil it for 10 minutes in water with soda. -For bigger stamps from 20 mm it can be hard to get the best result using hammer, so my advice is to use press. -If the stamp is not being used for a long time, it is recommended to keep it lubricated with oil. Nevada Metal Stamp || Nevada State Metal Die Stamps Jewelry Punch | Steel Tiny



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