Harry Styles Toothpaste Topper
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Brush the Watermelon Sugar off your teeth with this Harry Styles Toothpaste Topper! Comes with 4 caps to fit all major brands of toothpaste. Fits Crest, Colgate, Arm&Hammer, CloseUp, Aim, & more. (Similar to the other toothpaste toppers in our shop - check them out!) Instructions: 1. Pick the the cap that screws on to your brand of toothpaste. (must have a screw top cap). 2. Unscrew that cap & insert into hole in bottom of topper. Press until tight. 3. Screw topper & cap assembly onto toothpaste. 4. Squeeze & enjoy! Design Notes: Designed & 3D printed by SnowBloom3D in Raleigh, NC, USA. Harry Styles Toothpaste Topper