University Of Iowa Horseracing Gametop Walnut
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INCLUDES METAL HORSES! With our walnut horseracing board game, everyone can be a winner when the racetrack is in your own home. This simple & exciting horseracing board game can be played with both small & large groups! Our horseracing gametop version includes a maple veneer game board. Approximate dimensions are 11″ x 21″ x ¾". The board game weighs nearly 5 lbs. Line up the horses at the starting gate, deal the cards & begin rolling the dice to scratch horses & start building your "pot". The remaining horses race to the finish line. Hold the winning horse's card & you win! These are the highest quality handcrafted horseracing board games available. The game board is a wood veneer playing surface built for longevity. Metal eyelets are inserted into each hole to protect the game for decades of entertainment. Breathe easy, the game is finished with an environmentally friendly water - based clear acrylic. All horseracing games include a deck of cards, pair of dice, eleven numbered metal horses & directions. University Of Iowa Horseracing Gametop Walnut