Saint Simon The Zealot Apostle Handcrafted Framed Prints. 7x14 Size. St. Stained Glass Art


Saint Simon also known as Simon the Zealot & Nathanael of Cana Feast Day: October 28 Born: 1st century Cana, Galilee, Judea, Roman Empire Died: possibly sawn in half circa 65 AD at Suanir, Persia or Armenia Patronage: sawmen, curriers, tanners, woodcutters A 7x14 print size is perfect to display a person in full stature. The aspect ratio of 2:1 is ideal for this & we have taken the extra step to use our custom frames that house our prints. You will not find many places that sell this custom size. This size is not too small & not too large & looks good on a wall. It is not intrusive & fits well into most home decors. It is our hope that you will really enjoy our custom size prints of Saints, Angels, Jesus & Mary. This beautiful print is based on a real photo of stained glass of St. Simon & other artifacts. The image of Saint Simon has been completely redone to offer a unique look in presenting him in true beauty of stained glass art. We used gold plated church arches to surround the image to add to the beauty & richness of color. You will not find such a unique depiction of him & especially not in this custom sized print anywhere else. This print has been designed to honor Saint Simon & to glorify God through veneration of him. Stained Glass This is a very beautiful rendition of the Apostle in stained glass. The artwork has been digitally enhanced & cleaned up to make this image even more beautiful than the original photo. Print comes in a high quality gold frame. The frame is plastic but very solid & well made. The print is behind glass or plexi glass depending on availability. The back of the frame includes two saw tooth hangers for easy hanging on the wall. It also means the frame could be hung in a vertical & horizontal position. The print is a unique size 7in x 14in printed with vibrant colors on thick satin photo paper which is water resistant. If you ever drip water on the print, simply wipe it off & wait for it to dry & there should be no marks. This is a very unique size for a print & it is in a perfect 2:1 ratio for displaying human figures in full stature. Outside frame dimensions are 8 1/4 in X 15 1/4 in. All artwork is beautifully designed & unlike any other artwork of this kind. It is 100% based on digital photography & digital editing. It involved countless hours of design to give the final result. This work of art is part of a special collection which includes other Apostles & is part of the Apostle collection series. What makes this work of art unique, is that it is the only Catholic art we know of which uses real photographs & real backgrounds to produce this unique result. They are very sharp & carefully designed to present real beauty of Catholic art & devotion. Please see our other listings for other art. If you need more prints contact us & let us know. Please note that monitor color rendering varies by each monitor & should not be used as a guide for color accuracy. The colors on actual print may be slightly different from



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