Chinese Porcelain Da Ya Zhai Huaniao Bowl
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Chinese porcelain Da Ya Zhai huaniao bowl, a bird & flower bowl, with an imperial yellow glaze exterior & and a turquoise glazed lip, interior & large, circular inset within the partially unglazed base, all covered with fine, small pattern, iron wire craquelure. A red Da Ya Zhai mark & a red Tian Di Yi Jia Chun oval cartouche are glazed just below the lip. The bowl is decorated with finely drawn network of Chinese magpies perched on plum tree branches with lavender & white, plum blossoms. A red & white, Yong Qing Chan Chun, Guangxu mark is glazed to the inset base. The finely carved, traditional, Chinese, hongmu, circular stand is included. Circa early 20th century no later than mid century. Unobtrusive color variations on the underside finish of the stand, otherwise excellent vintage condition. Dayazhai: (Studio of the Greater Odes) found on imperial porcelain commissioned by the Qing Empress Dowager Cixi. Tian Di Yi Jia Chun: The Whole World celebrating as One Family Yong Qing Chan Chun: Eternal Prosperity & Enduring Spring bowl: 5 3/4" high x 10" diameter stand: 2 5/8" high x 9 1/4" diameter Chinese Porcelain Da Ya Zhai Huaniao Bowl



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