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Palm Pottery-oil lamp with 2 Canes comes with a pack of 50 Organic cotton Wicks. Please use good Olive Oil for best burning, Last for many hours. Handmade in Israel Holy Land New Item-reproduction Ancient Roman oil lamp "Tamar" Ancient Roman oil lamp with two fairy candle shaped like a Roman oil lamps. Embed on a fat candle was inspired by a coin from the rebellion. (132-135 ad) The candle nut tree stand go oil to accent the beauty vihodo of the tool. Thank you for visiting my shop! LightLamps This pottery of clay is made by potter experts That pass their knowledge & skills from one generation to the next. The style is authentic & fundamental. This Reproduction of Ancient oil lamp have3 openings: 1. opening in the top 0.5"app diameter where you pour the oil & the small opening in front where you put the wick.(it comes with 2 wick). On the upper part of the oil lamp there are some decoration marks. Olive oil is the best to use but you can also use aromatic oil. Total size from handle to front: app5" Hight:app2.5" Color: white-dirty white, Pinkish You can feel the material & clay grains of the Pottery& almost feel the hand of the potter making it. in the back/base there are some signs & scratches since it's hand made & material is raff. Take in amount that this is a reproduction of an Archeological found! meaning some elements that can look to you as a defect is actually not, it's the way & condition it was found & this is a reproduction/a copy. Great useful item from the holy land. Some Historey.... With building great dimensions are a very common tool oil candle to illuminate the large spaces. in the beginning, when the missing root candle, could exert on Yes or placed in the wall. With time & can handle base candle were placed anywhere or to stand around. An integral part of the candle was ready to which it was assigned to raise & distributing. Classical art honest are subject as a man find the lampstand. From the Roman period (first century before סה"נ) & transferred more candles from her mouth. Other lighting tools were hang from the ceiling like a chandelier. Candle appeared anywhere in person: at home, in the street, theatre, Temple, Church, monastery, in waiting. Oil lamps were used also include protecting seafarers who were handling of their days & nights. Extensive use of the public activities of the Greeks had candles & the Romans. The Roman & Byzantine periods (1st-7th CE), we find a lot of metal, made by vmazchochit. From this period there are literary evidence that other objects have a Maor, such as a Cup, Bowl & binding cord around the nut. Vaaislmit Roman, Byzantine periods appear vhritot addresses them with oil candles. These probably represent hritot characters, appear in the ה־ה century at סה"נ. variety were address; First was that the Potter name or legal workshop & a blessing. The Roman custom was to give a greeting at the top of the topic this year & that blessing candles adorn custom source. in the Byzantine period



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