Gold Coin British 5 Guineas "Queen Anne" 1703 Replica 1Pcs Not Magnetic
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High quality gold plated REPLICA coin of a 5 Guineas "Queen Anne" 1703 British sovereign. The surface of this coin is of a highly polished gold finish. As stated, this is a replica (copy) of the original coin. The coin is designed as a collectable item & has no financial exchange rate value. It is suitable for gifts & collectors since it's very close to the original one. The coin is gold plated. Not solid gold. As seen on the photos the quality is very good & it is like the original one. This British gold plated coin is almost identical to the real thing! This coin is not magnetic! The Vigo gold coinage represents the pinnacle of provenance mark currency coin collecting rarities, not just in the reign of Queen Anne but across the whole range of British coins showing a mark or word of where the metal was sourced to strike the coinage. The most intrepid of stories is behind the capture of the Vigo treasure as opposed to the other companies or privateers who had their mark placed upon the coins. The Battle of Vigo Bay occurred on 23rd October 1702 & it was after the Battle that the treasure largely of silver, with a tiny proportion of gold was captured & transported back to Southampton on the south coast of England. From there the treasure was brought with great pomp & ceremony to London, overseen by the Mint Master himself, one Mr Isaac Newton, to then be turned into coinage at the Royal Mint in the Tower of London. The treasure consisted of absolutely thousands of pounds in weight of silver, but a mere seven pounds & eight ounces of gold meaning the coinage of gold Five Guineas, Guineas & Half-Guineas was very small. The Five Guinea piece turns up most often, with the Guinea being the rarest denomination of all. We are only aware of seven example of the gold Half-Guinea in private collections today. The Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Anne by the Grace of God," & abbreviated on the reverse as "Queen of Great Britain, France & Ireland." Gold Coin British 5 Guineas "Queen Anne" 1703 Replica 1Pcs Not Magnetic



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