Custom Personalized Playing Cards With Printed Tuck Box | Read Description For Instructions
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Scroll to the bottom for uploading instructions! Always state in the notes of the order when you need the order by. IMPORTANT UNDERSTANDING OF DECK QUANTITY FOR THIS PRODUCT - The STYLE QTY dropdown indicates how many copies of the SAME customized deck you are looking to order. - To order decks using DIFFERENT groups of photos you will need to place a quantity of 1 deck to your cart for as many decks as you are ordering. For example if you would like 3 unique decks you will need to add a "QTY 1" deck to your cart 3 times & then go to checkout. "What is the casino playing card stock??" Our "Casino Quality Playing Card Stock" is an industry leader in terms of quality. This stock is a 12pt (330gsm) black core, coated & embossed playing card stock. The embossed finish allows for easy & smooth shuffling, & is like the famous playing card finish you know & love. If you have ordered from us before, this is a BIG new change as we set our feet as leaders in terms of quality for personalized decks of cards. "What am I paying for with this product?" With this product you are paying for the deck of cards, a full customized box to match, & the design work needed to bring your card deck to life! You send us whatever pictures you would like on the cards & box & then we handle the rest! "Is there any restrictions on what I can put on the cards??" There are no restrictions for what you can have on the cards! We say if you want it we will print it! It is also important to note here that any & all orders are for personal use & we are not responsible for the resale of any copyrighted or trademarked materials. "How many pictures can I upload??" - You can upload anywhere from 1 to 56 images total for these playing cards. - When uploading 1 image you will get that 1 image on the card backs & on the box with standard playing card faces that we will provide. - When uploading 56 images you will have 54 unique images on the faces of the cards as shown in the sample pictures of this product, 1 image on the card back, & then 1 on the box. - Some people like to upload 13 images for the faces of the cards so each card type has the same picture, 1 for the jokers, & then 1 for the back! - We also have a generic playing card back on file for use so if you would like custom faces with a generic playing card back & box that is okay too! IF YOU WANT SPECIFIC PICTURES ON SPECIFIC CARDS: If you want specific pictures on specific cards you MUST follows the guidelines below. This applies in situations where you may want 1 specific picture on 1 card, or if all of your pictures are specific. This also applies to pictures you would like used for the card back and/or box. - The naming system will be as follows: "CARD TYPE" (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13)(RJ, BJ = Red Joker & Black Joker) Aces are 01, Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, Kings are 13. The zero in front of 1-9 is important. Ensuring that all alphabetic values 1-13 are LOWERCASE Followed by "SUIT" (c,d,h,s) with no spaces or



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