Spacex Starship Lamp To Reach The Stars - Free Shipping
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If you 're a Spacex fan, this awesome Starship lamp is an absolute showpiece & will be the conversational centerpiece to complement any desk or table. The translucent atrium is available in blue or white & gives off a gentle glow of activity. With this lamp, you can almost imagine future astronauts & scientists living on every floor of the glowing Starship on the way to Mars. This is the ultimate gift for Spacex fan. Size: Height: 10 1/2" Width: 4" Details: All models are uniquely handmade. Starship & smoke is 3D printed in PLA. (PLA is a renewable & natural raw material.) The base is made of wood. Light is a warm white LED. Cable has a on/off switch. Plugs into USB for power. (Optional) USB power block adapter to use in any US standard outlet is available for only $3.99 extra My Etsy Shop: Other available Space Ship lamps: UFO Spaceship Lamp. Pacu the Space Alien Piranha is here in his Martian Rocket! Earthlings beware! Retro Futuristic Rocket Space Ship LED Lamp The Ultimate Spacex Starship Lamp Super Cute Retro UFO LED Lamp ready to invade your home Spacex Starship Lamp To Reach The Stars - Free Shipping