Henri Privat-Livemont Absinthe Robette | 1896 - Giclee Fine Art Print
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"Absinthe Robette" by Henri Privat-Livemont (1896) DIMENSIONS 9" x 12" (Image: 7.5" x 10.38") 12" x 16" (Image: 10" x 13.81") 16" x 20" (Image: 12.25" x 17") 20" x 30" (Image: 16" x 22.13") 24" x 36" (Image: 19" x 26.31") Archival Inkjet on Fine Art Paper Smooth Surface - Matte Finish - Inset Borders ABOUT THE ARTWORK - First printed in 1896, Henri Privat-Livemont's iconic "Absinthe Robette" is easily one of the most recognizable images associated with absinthe & with art nouveau in general. It depicts a classically-styled maiden in a sheer gown receiving a glass of absinthe from on high, as if partaking in some ancient temple rite. From an unseen fount, a trickle of water dissolves the sugar that rests atop the glass, transmuting the pure absinthe its servable color & flavor. As the alchemy unfolds before her, the woman watches, transfixed by its occult majesty. The ritual of absinthe-drinking contributed enormously to its mystique; its devotees included the likes of Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley & Vincent van Gogh. ART-CENTRIC DESIGN - Vintage art is not standardized. The original works are usually too long, or too short, to neatly fill a store-bought frame. Most shops arbitrarily crop the artwork to match, leading to claustrophobic prints with missing or partial elements. These modifications sometimes trivial, sometimes ludicrous are not always shown in the product photos. We believe that the purpose of art is not to fill a frame; it is the purpose of a frame to showcase the art. Our prints have inset borders that make up any differences in proportion between the artwork & a standard frame, so that you can experience the art as the artist intended. They look sharp in beveled mats, may be float mounted, or inserted directly into standard frames; the borders providing a mat-like accent around the image. There are many styles from which to choose. Framing is a fun, creative process that enhances the artwork & livens your space for years to come. Should you like any advice, feel free to reach out. CUSTOMIZATION & IMAGE REQUESTS - We are happy to customize our prints to fit your frame. Borderless prints may require the artwork to be cropped to fit a new aspect ratio. in such cases, we will provide a mockup to ensure that the final product meets with your approval. If you're looking for an artwork that is not in our catalog, feel free to ask if we can provide it. We will print any public domain or openly licensed image that is available in high resolution. MUSEUM QUALITY - Giclée process prints are the gold standard in fine art reproduction. We use a matte finish, cotton fiber paper to maximize detail while eliminating glare. Our prints display a wide color gamut, deep blacks & beautiful tonal transitions. Produced using only archival materials, they will not fade or yellow, but maintain their original quality for as long as you own them. HANDMADE DECLARATION - To assure artistic quality, all of our production & design is strictly in-house. Every



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