Premium Hanging "Side Saddle" Aquarium Safe Turtle Basking Platform - Hangs From One Side Of Your Aquarium
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I'm a longtime turtle owner who decided to make my own premium basking platform for my shelled family members, & then branched out to making them for fellow turtle owners through Etsy! This is a high quality, aquarium safe platform that will hang from the top of your tank. The frame is made of PVC & the tile is lightweight vinyl that will dry quickly & hold heat from your basking lamp. It includes a support for the ramp to ensure bigger turtles won't break it. My hanging dock design has proven to be popular, but I have had a number of customers who ask about something that hangs higher so that there is more water for swimming, as well as being able to prevent escapes. I spent some time in my Turtle Lab (which is what I will now be calling my garage) & came up with this design. The "Side Saddle" design hangs from one side. The 45 degree angle supports underneath spread the weight across the back of the tank rather than relying on just the top, which makes it incredibly sturdy. The wall along the back keeps turtles from climbing out, unless your turtle is a TMNT who can scale vertical surfaces. in which case, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe start a reality show? :) Next I wanted something that looked nicer than white PVC so I did a lot of research on aquarium safe options. I found a spray on coating that cures into rubber, which means that it's completely neutral & safe in aquariums. I have a pleco who enthusiastically rasps at the stand regularly & doesn't flake off any of the coating, & it's withstood all of the bumps from clumsy turtles swimming around! Unlike my other docks, these are a standard size since they can hang off of (almost) any tank. The only restriction is that your tank needs to be at least 14" tall for it to fit, but this covers pretty much all 50+ gallon tanks. I'll create your custom platform, allow time for it to cure & be aquarium ready, then safely & securely pack it for shipping & send it to you. It will be shipped with the top portion assembled securely & the support separately packaged & ready to insert. Please send pics to me so I can see your new platform in action! I look forward to working with you to make a new home for your shelled friends. Premium Hanging "Side Saddle" Aquarium Safe Turtle Basking Platform - Hangs From One Side Of Your Aquarium



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