Vases, Jars, Canopic Props, Magic Items, Relics, Egyptian, Mummy


From the amazing series Empire of Scorching Sands, Silver Ravens Mercenary Company is proud to bring you these Vases & Canopic Jar. Do you need an amazing piece to add to the market your characters are going through? Look no further than these pieces with an Egyptian flair! The Canopic Jar is a particular favorite here at the Silver Ravens. Shown here in 8 inch height, we used to offer them in a variety of sizes from 1-inches tall to 8-inches tall. However, because we rarely sold the larger sizes we've simplified the listing & now only list the 1-inch & 2-inch options. That said, please contact us if you're interested in another size & we can set you up with a custom order! Please note: both vases are filled in & cannot be used as actual vases. The Canopic Jar does not actually contain mummy parts... just in case you were wondering. We offer the smaller sizes in both 4K photopolymer resin & 8K RPG photopolymer resin. We print the smallest options in resin only for maximum detail. The larger custom size options (such as the 8-inch tall trophy size) are also available in 0.10mm high-resolution PLA thermoplastic. Please reach out to us if you're interested in custom sizes & we can discuss what material works best for your purpose & budget. 4K resin is great for detail & accepts paint well, making it a great low-cost option. 8K-printed RPG resin is also high-resolution & accepts paint well, & additionally has superior flexibility & durability compared to other high-resolution resins. PLA is very durable (it's plastic) & is great for terrain. However, you lose detail due to the manufacturing process which creates larger layers & thus more visible layer lines. By default, all our products are printed in grey. For other color options, please contact us prior to submitting your order to discuss available options. A special order may be necessary for some colors/types of resin or PLA. Source models are copyright Hero's Hoard/EC3D Designs, provided as an officially licensed seller. Not suitable for children. Vases, Jars, Canopic Props, Magic Items, Relics, Egyptian, Mummy



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