Aquarius Zodiac Sign Etched Selenite, Constellations, Astrology Selenite Chargingplate, Premium Quality, A5130 Made in Appleton, Wi Usa
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Want to make your etched selenite plate a gridding kit? You can find a chakra crystal set to add on to your order here: 100% of carbon emissions from shipping & packaging will be carbon offset. For any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping & packaging our items on Etsy, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount. Please note all etched selenite plates are made to order. Every plate is a completely unique work of art as each plate etches & paints differently. Painting etched plates is not a quick process so if you need plates quickly please reach out to us before purchasing. Thank you for understanding these are works of art & not mass produced via factory in China. All selenite from CrystalsAhoy is sourced ethically from a selenite co-op in Morocco that ensures good working conditions & a living wage. -CrystalsAhoy - Buy 2 Pieces of Jewelry get a Selenite Plate FREE! Join my facebook group to see upcoming designs/products & get clearance deals These plates are hand made & vary slightly in size & shape This plate is etched & hand painted with The zodiac sign listed in the title Top quality beautifully polished & ready to charge your crystals. Selenite is a crystal that feels very angelic. It is one that has brought light energy into my own life. I love using this selenite charging disk to charge the crystals I use on a daily basis as well as all of my jewelry. It leaves them sparkling with new light energy & ready to be used in no time. It's super convenient to have one or several of these for your crystal & jewelry needs. Selenite works by flowing light energy into your life & opening the channels for more of a connection with your higher self. This calls for transformation that is beneficial & ever so important as it offers light into our very being. Selenite helps you to access the angelic realm & is a crystal that cleanses the aura, dissolving energies that you're ready to let go of. It helps to break through illusions, access events from the past that need to be resolved & helps with our spiritual development. Selenite charging plate, Selenite plate, Charging plate, Crystal plate, Crystal Charging Plate, Selenite Slab, Selenite discEtched Selenite, laser engraved selenite, selenite, selenite slab, unique selenite, selenite creations, selenite creation, painted selenite, hand painted selenite, laser engraving, XL Large crystals, large crystals. crystal towers, xl crystal towers, large crystal towers, rose quartz tower, quartz tower, citrine tower, fluorite tower, rainbow fluorite & more all available at Buy two pieces of jewelry & we will send you a selenite charging plate for free! Resellers please contact me for wholesale rates. Custom orders available Please contact me if you have any questions at



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