Timing System For Hotwheels & Diecast Racing | Start Gate Finish Line Fat Track Edition
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◆◆This is the FAT TRACK EDITION of the PlayRobotics smart diecast racing system◆◆ There are several editions to the system available (check my other listings). ◆◆What is FAT Track Edition?◆◆ The PlayRobotics Smart Race Track was originally designed to work with the standard orange Hotwheels tracks. Many people are now using FAT tracks for diecast racing & the "NASCAR Adventure Force Racing Track" by Far Out Toys is the most popular one. This variation of the PlayRobotics kit will only work with the FAT track. If you want to use it with both the FAT track & the regular orange HotWheels tracks, get the orange tracks edition & the FAT track add-on separately: Flat edition: https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/1106908738/start-gate-finish-line-for-hotwheels-and FAT track addon: https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/1130739567/fat-track-addon-for-playrobotics-diecast ◆◆What is included?◆◆ ◇ Race control unit The race control unit is the most important part included in your kit. It contains a tiny computer called an "Arduino" & various electronic components, such as a motor, buzzer, LCD screen, & more. The plastic parts of the control unit are 3D printed. ◇ Orange tracks to Fat track adapters PlayRobotic's start gate connects to orange Hotwheels tracks. You will then need to merge those tracks into a single fat track using those adapters ◇ Fat track single sensor finish line The fat track finish line, has one sensor, one screen & a 3D printed part that should be connected between two fat track parts. ◇ Other parts - USB Power cable - Network cable The finish line is connected to the start unit using a regular network cable (RJ-45), the included cable is 3 meters long , but you can replace it with a much longer cable if needed. This FAT Track edition ◆◆doesn't include tracks & cars◆◆ (You will need to have the actual FAT track & at least 2 orange track parts) ◆◆Remote Start◆◆ The race can be started by pressing a physical start button. You can also choose to purchase an optional remote control that will allow you to start the race remotely. ◆◆2/4 Cars Ramp◆◆ The kit comes with a ramp that can hold two cars, but in addition you can also choose to purchase a 4 cars ramp which can hold 4 cars (2 cars on each lane). The 4 car ramp is displayed on the last photo in this listing. ◆◆For indoor use only◆◆ The high amount of light in an outdoor environment will not allow the finish line sensors to perform properly. ◆◆ Shipping ◆◆ Fast worldwide shipping from Israel (5-7 Business days to the USA & EU) Most packages are shipped within 24 hours after order. ◆◆ Review of this product by Races & Fun YouTube channel ◆◆ https://youtu.be/1SwxIomKG68 Timing System For Hotwheels & Diecast Racing | Start Gate Finish Line Fat Track Edition



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