Twitter Necklace - "Tweet Me" in Gold
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I happen to be old enough to remember the days of party lines. That was when our antique telephones (connected to the wall) freakishly crossed lines with other neighborhoods & we got to eavesdrop conversations or speak to strangers & have, well, a party on our telephone. Then three-way calling came out, & us girls could deliver the latest gossip to more than one girlfriend at a time. You can only imagine how our lives changed when answering machines & caller ID came out. These were exciting times. Today, I'm afraid my children will never know to appreciate a time when your voice was heard by only one other person on the other side of the phone. For now, our thoughts & our ideas are so easliy shared with so many. At a moment's notice, we can connect & deliver to our friends, family & followers, our wisdom, our humor, our anger & our long as it is 140 characters or less. Tweet me :) This necklace inspired by our twitter name is hand cut, hammered & finished to show off your exclusive Twitter personae. Made entirely of the best quality 14k gold filled metal. My jewelry stays gold for many years, as long as it is not exposed to harsh chemicals. Kindly let me know at checkout what you'd like stamped; 13 characters at most for this size. If you need more than 13 characters, simply contact us & we will let you know what tag size & price it will be. Please choose your chain length aboveif you need a special length not listed, simply let us know at checkout. As always, arrives to you gift wrapped pretty. Twitter Necklace - "Tweet Me" in Gold



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