Impression Die The Labyrinth, Die Is 3" Across & 1/2" Thick Steel
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Impression Die: the Labyrinth 3" Across & 1/2" thick steel 1" across design Photo 3 is an example of what these dies can do. I made these for myself & no dies like these have ever been made before. The large platen for a single image was lacking in all other dies. They are electro-chemically etched & leave a rustic impression due to the random etching pattern in the background. Every one of them is unique. I will make other Dies, but there is only one exactly like this' For the Hydraulic Press. Use multiple 95d Urethane pieces cut into small 1/2 by 1/2" pieces. One pressing with a 1/2 by 1/2" piece of 95d at 30 Tons created the Copper Impression... Look at the listings for my bowls to see the results you can achieve with these very large impression dies. It is very easy to impress Copper Alloys at 18 & 20ga. I routinely use 14 & 16ga annealed copper alloys at much higher pressures in the 30 to 50 ton range for complex large dies. Most Impression Dies are made to make a small jewelry cut out. Mine are made with the extra large platen surface so that larger pieces of metal can be impressed, then used whole The secret to crisp impressions is multiple passes with small pieces & making sure that your alloys are properly annealed. For larger more complex designs, annealing after each pressing give the best results. Impression Die The Labyrinth, Die Is 3" Across & 1/2" Thick Steel



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