The Avengers
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Store Faqs: Normal items release toxins over time in water. My products are Meticulously coated to prevent that from happening. They are also tested by a marine biologist to guarantee 100% safety of fish. Pre-ordering is now available for sold out items! Use as a Fish Tank decoration, Toy, terrarium decoration, or a collectible. Feel free to change up your theme every month to keep things fresh! Services: Don't see the theme you want in my store? Dm me for a free quote on a theme you'd like. Please fill out the form found in my .20 cent listings You ship it I coat it - Send me anything you want coated. Bulk deals available. See .20 cent listings. Special request a single item. See .20 cent listing Feel free to check out previous custom tanks I've done by finding my Facebook page called tanksbymike, you can google search it as well. I've made some pretty fun ones & love doing new themes! Thank you all for your ongoing support! & if you want free shipping, follow my "Where's Waldo" challenge on my Facebook page! The Avengers