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Who's that girl sitting at the computer with dollar signs in her hair? Is she trying to figure out what she wants to do for a living OR is she working? If you have our "WHO? Deck (Personalities, Ages, Looks), here's PART 2 with occupations & careers! This 53 card deck is not only an oracle but it's also a practical learning tool - it consists of specific occupations with descriptive keywords to help you figure out what career you would be great at, what the money maker is, what matches your energy & what your life purpose may be! This is a great tool to use with Tarot, archetypes & other life purpose decks. A lot of love, intuition, graphic design expertise, beautiful photography, & hours of research went into making this oracle to provide an easy & fun reading experience. We hope you have fun working with it & may it help you get the "job" done. ::REVIEWS:: ➜ FULL REVIEW https://youtu.be/ptLatG0JfFg ➜ Quick Flipthrough https://youtu.be/rujPVNmBPl8 ➜ IG Flipthrough https://instagram.com/p/CVgB8NhJM47 ➜ My Pick a Card https://youtu.be/oVJaoueo4SU ➜ Star's Pick a Card https://youtube.com/watch?v=KtVP4zwCEIM ➜ Energy Insider's Reading https://youtu.be/O0nhfJ9hFrc ➜ SheWalksinBeauty's Review https://youtu.be/PmPDZl9OP5g ➜ Tanya's Unboxing https://youtu.be/Xm2DtkexkXk ⛔⛔ PLEASE READ BELOW ⛔⛔ ⛔ USPS is experiencing delays ESPECIALLY with international orders. Please be patient as your package may arrive later than expected. We track all orders so the ball doesn't drop. We are right there with you. ⛔ PLEASE read & understand what deck you're interested in BEFORE making a purchase. We have videos, photos & descriptions for each deck listing so our customers know EXACTLY what they are getting. If you have any questions, PLEASE reach out beforehand. ⛔ We don't accept refunds BUT if you are dissatisfied with your deck, PLEASE contact us privately BEFORE leaving a bad review. We would appreciate a conversation with you & encourage a safe space for our customers to voice their concerns. We want to work it out so that you're happy in the end. xoxo ⛔ MAIL THEFT is an issue, unfortunately. We are not financially responsible for stolen packages from your mailbox/porch, etc. Please file a claim & personally consult your mail carrier ASAP if you encounter this horrific issue. Occupations Oracle Deck | Careers Business Finances Side Hustles Life Purposes Energies Work Ethic 53 Cards



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