Washington Dc Cribbage Board


Custom Washington DC Cribbage board The characteristics that set my boards apart from most are: 1. Made of solid 3/4" Cherry hardwood. No plywood or particle board (pressed wood). 2. Four rows. The ultimate board for the most amount of players possible. 3. Orderly hole spacing. No confusing bends or corners. Easily count by fives. Skunk locations marked. 4. Large (15"x15") for comfortable playing without pegs rubbing or having to have small nimble fingers. 5. Finished with highest quality conversion varnish for superior resistance to sunlight, water, & cleaning chemicals. 6. Non-marking bumpers keep board & surface being played on mark-free. Bumpers are screwed on - not stick-on. 7. Peg storage with cover on back side. Includes four (4) sets of different colored scoring pegs. 8. Locally made, one at a time, in the small quiet town of Hanover, Minnesota. 9. Perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, or just giving a unique, one-of-a-kind gift. Free shipping Washington Dc Cribbage Board