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Well here is another great find! Went to a movie theaters garage sale! Lol & found some amazing movie trailers!! THESE ARE NEAT! do you have a projector? It's like a time capsule! Lol some have the movie company logo & stickers some have a piece of tape & magic maker label! These were used then re rolled & place on a large water proof tote. Until I found them. Some dirt & grim etc.... they all seem in excellent condition they range in length from 2 - 5 minutes. I'm listing these as is & as labeled. Obviously I have no way to verify the movies, or their full length condition. so I'm listing them at affordable prices. But these were used by the theater so one would assume they are in usable condition. I have several different trailers available . This listing is for a single preview, the preview is Charlotte's Web / cars 3 These are some Titles I have available please let me know if your interested! Age of Innocence A Brady sequel Something to talk about Clueless Joe's apartment Musketeers Evita Ever after Date movie Eragon Truman show Crouching tiger Stuart little Maverick Distinguished gentleman Marie Antoinette Dave 8 seconds Barney 102 Dalmatians Perfect storm Pirates 3 (of the Caribbean?) 007 Full Monte As good as it gets Jurassic Park 3 Horse Whisper Ghost & the Darkness Crocodile Dundee (two available) Cool Runnings 35mm Movie Theater Trailer Charlotte's Web/Cars



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