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This is made for & compatible with the Wyze brand. It's not an official product of any company. What we have here is the Wyze Watch stand. We have both the 47 & 44 models & these stand works perfectly for them. We love these Smart Wyze watches. It looks just like the Apple watch but at the fraction of the price & the face of these Wyze watches are bigger than the Apple. Now give your watch the perfect stand to compliment its sleek look. We believe our stand is the nicest looking & functional stand. You won't be disappointed. Just return them if you don't like them & we'll give you a refund within the return period. You are only buying the stand & slot cover. The Watch, cord & coins are NOT included Pro: Printed in 1 piece, no assembly needed so it's rigid & should last a lifetime. Weighted stand. We hallowed out the bottom so you can insert at least 12 pennies to make the bottom heavy so it feels balanced & a solid piece. Wires are wrapped around side & underneath bottom so that it's hidden from view Many colors to choose from & exceptional print quality. You will need super glue or hot glue if the slot cover is loose as the tolerance may be slightly off due to printer / filament brand which will vary the tolerance ever so slightly. Some notes to keep in mind with 3D manufacturing: 3D printing manufacturing process is not like plastic injected molding process, so some minor surface blemishes are normal, but we have lots of experience to minimize as much as we can & this is evident from the pictures that you can see & by the quality of our other products. The design may go through a number of different iterations, improving all the time based on feedback so the changes will be minor so video instructions may not reflect exactly the product in which you're buying. This & other modifications are within reason. We are not responsible for any modifications made to your device & improper installation may lead to damage. This watch stand takes 3-5 hours to print each depending on the printer. Why Buy from us? You're supporting a small business located in the USA, so you get great service & fast shipping. We go beyond just downloading things on Thingiverse or run-of-the-mill parts & selling that. We design, customize & create unique things that are one-of-a-kind, so you are supporting a designer/creator & not a run of the mill business that sells what others design. We have lots of experience in design & manufacturing so you know you're getting quality stuff. We want happy customers, if you're not happy, we welcome returns/replacements. We do not make money on shipping. You pay actual calculated shipping costs, or for irregular size items, you pay estimated costs that is less, but never more than the actual shipping costs. Thank you for your business & support. Feedback are always welcome. Before leaving a Bad Review, please be reasonable & contact us first. As mentioned, we are designers & creators, not just selling what others have created; therefore,



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