La City Hall Model - 3D Printed
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Los Angeles City Hall Location: Los Angeles, California Built: 1928 Height: 453ft/138m Floors: 32 This highly detailed model is great for decorating your home or office. It is 3D printed using PLA plastic on a high end printer. The pictures shown are of the smallest model (5.25in). 5.25" Model Dimensions - Height: 5.25"/133mm Width: 5"/127mm Depth: 3.25"/82.5mm 6.75" Model Dimensions - Height: 6.75"/171mm Width: 6.5"/165mm Depth: 4"/102mm 8" Model Dimensions - Height: 8"/203mm Width: 7.75"/197mm Depth: 5"/127mm Looking for a different color or size? Send me a message, & I may be able to accommodate. La City Hall Model - 3D Printed