Veiled by Kelly O'Neal - Wrapped Canvas Graphic Art
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Kelly O’Neal, an accomplished Dallas, TX-based interior designer with a coterie of impressive Dallasites for clients, is turning his aesthetic verve to the canvas. Blending modern sensibility with old-world technique, O’Neal freely moves through centuries to craft a finished piece. His sense of color is unparalleled and his flair for composition is apparent. For O’Neal, contemporary art is an expression of the moment, captured as the brush hits the canvas, expressed in an array of materials. For the last 20+ years, O’Neal has been the creative force behind Design Legacy, a celebrated home furnishing collection. He earned a B.F.A. in the creative arts from the University of North Texas. Raised in rural Texas, O’Neal accumulated his extensive knowledge of the arts from a life lived, through study and application, in pursuit of them.



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