Duisburg Private Guided Walking Tour
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We invite you to discover the contemporary city of Duisburg, a place rich with history, art, culture, and breathtaking landscape. Stroll on the banks of the newly structured Inner Harbour, the largest inland port in Europe. It was the busiest part of town during the Industrial Revolution and has become an entertainment area. See the 14th-century gothic Salvatore Church, and the memorial of the city's most famous son: Gerardus Mercator, the most famous cartographer of the 16th century, and to whom we owe our view of the world today. Enjoy the unforgettable experience in the unique landscape of the Duisburg Nord Park, once an industrial site that was transformed into a lush garden with a facility for climbing and a former gas tank that is today used as an artificial diving facility. Learn more about the birth town of the famous cartographer Gerardus Mercator in a tour that covers all the main highlights of the city.