Anchorage Trolley's Deluxe City Tour
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The same great tour with a few extras! The extended tour allows you to get off the trolley at specific stops to take pictures and ask your guide unscripted questions. You will be able to spend 5-10 minutes at several of our most popular stops as well as a bit of one on one time with your guide. The tour takes about 1.5-2 hours from start to finish.Hop aboard a red trolley in downtown Anchorage in front of the Visitor Information Center.Pass through the city’s historic neighborhoods as your guide points out interesting trivia. Watch seaplanes make splash landings on Lake Hood and Lake Spenard, & travel through Earthquake Park to see the damages caused by one of the most powerful recorded earthquakes in North American history.You'll also see the historic Alaska Railroad, Westchester Lagoon and maybe even some crossing moose. Your tour ends back at the departure point. Make use of your complimentary coupon book when you explore Anchorage on your own!